For the second time in a row, JSConf EU is happening during Ramadan. This makes it a little more challenging for our attendees, speakers, volunteers and team members who observe Ramadan.

Ideally, we’d choose a date that works equally for everyone. Unfortunately, the Berlin event business is extremely active and we had to lock in the 2019 dates way back in 2017 without a lot of options available.

While we are stuck on the dates, we can still try and accommodate folks who observe Ramadan.

Prayer Room

We again have a dedicated non-denominational prayer room for anyone to use privately or as a group. It will be open during all hours of the event on Friday and Saturday, and until around 19:00 on Sunday. See our (preliminary) schedule for details.

Due to building limitations, our prayer room is on the first floor and only accessible via a staircase. We have support personnel standing by to help anyone to and from our prayer room. For more information about our event accessibility, see our event accessibility guide.

Food Past Sundown

Our catering team will keep dishes from our evening meals on Friday and Saturday around until after sundown, so folks who want to break their fast at the conference are welcome to do so. Our meals are freshly prepared on-site, so you will get nutritious and fresh food to break your fast.


Here’s a map of local Mosques that are in the vicinity of the JSConf EU venue. The Fatih Camii Mosque is less than 10 minutes away on foot, and we are happy to organise free taxi rides to and from this or any other mosque nearby. You can pick up taxi vouchers at the information counter in the registration area. We’d appreciate if you could share cabs.

Anything Else

If there is anything else you think we could provide, or if you have any questions whatsoever, do let us know.