Saturday Evening Social Event

One of our favorite parts of running JSConf EU is inviting folks from around the world and give them a taste of the vibrant Berlin tech community.

At the same time, the Berlin community is way bigger than we could ever invite to our event, but we want the folks local to Berlin equally have an opportunity to meet everyone who made the trek to our lovely city.

And as such, in keeping with our 10 year tradition, we are announcing today that our Saturday evening social event is open to everyone, starting at 21:00. There is going to be a variety of complementary beverages, some food for folks who observe Ramadan, and a nice evening programme. And, of course, Karaoke.

If you are a CSSconf EU and/or JSConf EU ticket holder, you already have free access to the evening social event, you can even bring a +1.

For everyone else, we‘ve set up a special Saturday Evening Social Ticket.