Literally making a JSConf & CSSconf EU

Have you ever wondered how we transform the empty Arena Berlin into the sprawling JSConf & CSSconf EU event experiences? Wonder no more, because here is the full timelapse!

This is what is going on:

  • 0:00 Arena Berlin is just one big empty hall. First trucks and forklifts are present to start the construction.
  • 0:01 Stage construction begins and the Mozilla Arch is being assembled.
  • 0:03 Scaffolding behind stage is being assembled.
  • 0:08 Mozilla Arch is going vertical.
  • 0:10 Scaffolding for back wall of main auditorium (Closer to camera than stage) is standing. Construction of sponsor area scaffolding separators is starting.
  • 0:18 The video is getting busier because more of the sponsor area close to the camera is coming together.
  • 0:21 Square canvases are added to fill out some of the scaffolding.
  • 0:24 Stage lighting setup starts
  • 0:29 Projector setup is starting
  • 0:30 Holiday-style lights are hung and turned on
  • 0:31 Full stage light setup is tested
  • 0:35 Switch to color scheme

Events can seem very abstract or like they are always there. We hope this provides some insights as to what is really going on behind the scenes. For an impression of what the events themselves are like, check out this video.