Google Supports the Scholarship Program

Earlier this year we asked folks to support our scholarship program after our regular funding rounds were insufficient, and we are excited to announce that the Google Search & Assistant team has signed on to join other teams at Google in sponsoring JSConf and CSSconf EU. This special contribution will enable more than 15 people from underrepresented communities in tech to join us at JSConf EU and CSSconf EU.

These scholarships will allow even more people to attend two important European developer conferences, as we seek to expand our community in order to learn and grow from our experiences and interactions.

It is a large step towards further developing one of the biggest community scholarship programs in the tech community, and we thank the Google Search & Assistant for their beyond generous support.

Make sure to visit Google at their booth at the conference! And just in case you happen to look for a new opportunity, they are always hiring in many locations around the world.