After selling out our early tickets and selling our regular tickets for JSConf in roughly fortnightly batches we are now making a change to how we are selling tickets:

From now on until the event, tickets will be available continuously until they sell out. No rushing, or standing in line, but when they are gone they are gone.

One consequence of this change is that we expect to sell fewer of our diversity support tickets that support our scholarship program because those used to be the only way to buy tickets between batches. For this reason we will soon make all tickets include a contribution to the program. You can still buy tickets at the regular price today, so if you’d rather avoid the respective ticket price increase, please make sure to make your purchase in the next days.

We’ll phase in the first scholarship contribution into our regular tickets on March 1st and then will increase the contribution every 2 weeks:

NameEnd DateGross Price
Early pricing27th December 2018699€
Regular pricing27th February 2019799€
Late pricing 113th March 2019799€
Late pricing 227th March 2019809€
Late pricing 310th April 2019819€
Late pricing 424th April 2019829€
Late pricing 58th May 2019839€
Late pricing 622nd May 2019849€

Looking forward to seeing you all in June!

The JSConf EU team on stage