Community Lounge: Call For Stories & Artists

Community Lounge is coming back to JSConf & CSSconf EU…with a twist! This year, rather than just showcasing leaders of the tech communities as in the previous years, we are celebrating communities in the way of storytelling.

What are you thankful for in your community?

With the theme of “Gratitude”, the Community Lounge is opening its stage to community members who want to share stories that highlight incredible experiences within the tech industry and beyond. We will be accepting stories about communities such as:

  • the JSConf and CSSconf family (ex: EU, AR, IS, etc)
  • a local tech meetup group (ex: BerlinJS Meetup, Up.Front, Women Tech Makers, etc)
  • a digital community (ex: slack group, forum, etc)
  • an open source community
  • any other local related community

Have a story to tell? Still need a ticket to the conferences? Or, you already have a ticket, but are itching to get on stage? Tell us your story by May 10 here!

Are you a new media artist?

We are also inviting artists to create interactive pieces that fit the theme of gratitude and community. We’d love to hear your ideas!

Community Lounge 2018