Portrait photo of Joyee Cheung

Joyee Cheung

Web APIs in Node.js Core: Past, Present, and Future

Web APIs developed and standardized by the browsers have been serving client-side JavaScript applications with a wide selection of features out of the box, while Node.js have been developing another set of APIs that are today the de-facto standards for server-side JavaScript runtimes. There is now a conscious effort to bring the two worlds closer together, in particular by introducing more Web APIs into Node.js core, but it’s not an easy ride - not every Web API, designed for the browsers, makes sense for Node.js.

In this talk, we are going to take a look at the story of Web APIs in Node.js core - what Node.js have implemented, what are being discussed, what are blocking more APIs from being implemented, and what we can do to improve the developer experience of the JavaScript ecosystem.

Scheduled for day 2 at 14.45 on the `Side Track` stage.