Havi Hoffman

In the land of the JavaScripters

In 2009 I was managing Yahoo’s tech event budget when we agreed to sponsor the very first JSConf, the one that almost didn’t happen, the one that started something… And though I’ve still never attended a JSConf, nor learned to code, the zeitgeist of the JavaScript community and its event culture have had a profound effect on how I live and the devrel work I do.

I’d like to speak about cultivating “JavaScript: The Good Times”—the evolution of inclusiveness, the effort to replace customs that no longer reflect the values and demographics of the community, the focus on new practices for joyful conference-going and knowledge sharing. The JavaScript ethos has fueled a reinvention of the tech gathering as an act of participation and experiment, generating enduring artifacts for learning and excellent new habits for our relationships - personal and professional.

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This talk was presented in the form of multiple sonnets. Click here for the full text.

Portrait photo of Havi Hoffman