The Community Lounge

The Community Lounge is a platform to showcase our communities: local to Berlin and Germany, around the world, and digitally in open source. Short talks happen on the Community Lounge stage during coffee, lunch, and dinner breaks. The lounge is also home to a physical job board and curated interactive art installations that aim to bring the people together while highlighting the intersection of art and tech. It’s a relaxed, uplifting space where people can connect and learn about exciting things happening in Berlin and beyond.

The Community Lounge 2019: Stories of Gratitude

This year, for the 10th anniversary of JSConf EU and CSSconf EU, we’ve invited people in our communities to share stories of gratitude to highlight amazing people, their efforts, and their impact. Our sessions take place during the coffee and lunch breaks throughout the conference weekend. We’ll also have a wall where you can creatively express your own gratitude to the wonderful communities we’ve all been a part of, together. Be sure to stop by and check out our comfy lounge area for a full schedule of events.

History of the Community Lounge

Together, Michele Guido and Vanessa Yuen organize this part of JSConf/CSSconf EU by curating the speakers and participants, designing and implementing the concept, and executing the event during the conferences with the help of the amazing team of organizers and volunteers.

In 2017, the Community Lounge was organized by Michele, with support from Donna Zhou and Max Fellmuth. For its first iteration, the scope of participants represented community organizers and open source maintainers based in both in Germany and abroad.

In 2018, Vanessa joined Michele, and together they refined the Community Lounge focus to local community leaders, particularly in Berlin and Germany. We heard about the incredible work being done by tech meetup groups, generative and VR artists, open source maintainers, and community conference organizers.

Community Lounge 2018