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Chris Sun

Developer above the Sea of Client-side Fog: Frontend Observability for User Happiness

How fast and reliable your backend is doesn’t matter if you haven’t found a way to pass those optimisations on to your users. As heavy-lifting application logic moves increasingly beyond the monitored server to the client-side shadowlands, traditional metrics no longer sufficiently capture the story of your application’s performance. How can you gain clarity into how your code behaves in production, across a potpourri of device species, workflows, behind a shroud of complex js logic, in the hands of your users?

I’ll talk about strategies for instrumenting your front-end so you can ask questions of your code after it is thrown over the chasm into userland. Client-side observability can not only expose user unhappiness bugs, it can focus product decisions, empower engineering teams during the development cycle, encourage a positive culture of code ownership, and surface higher-level usability-impacting issues that tests and error tracking alone won’t capture.